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Great initiative! Traffic calming & active transport priority please

by bradyCNVcyclist,

I live nearby and my young family frequently walks, bikes and occasionally drives to this area to visit Welcome Parlour & the coffee shop, as well as just recreational travel between Spirit Trail and Green Necklace. I'm often biking with my 1.5 year old daughter on the back, so extra cautious and aware of the risks of mingling with fast-moving vehicles.

The 30 km/hr speed limit is a great first step, thanks. But further traffic calming such as speed bumps, barriers, and re-routes (see Vancouver's approach in many neighborhoods to dissuade fast moving through-traffic in calm residential areas) should be considered, as it is a wide road, which encourages fast driving speeds. So many people enjoy Sam Walker park & outdoor seating - vehicular noise is easily the biggest nuisance noise in the area. Since it's loud to sit on Lonsdale patios for example, there should be some sanctuary we can go without the noise issues and fear of our kids' injury from cars!

One step further (let's think big!) why do cars need through travel here at all? They have literally every other street prioritized for them: Ridgeway, Lonsdale, St. Georges, etc. etc. Let's give a tiny bit back to the people!

And I agree with another post: Keith to 3rd on the hill is a scary place to bike / walk, with drivers shortcutting traffic.

Bigger medians where they exist as well please.

Thanks for listening!

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