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Make it a quiet & safe neighbourhood street

by seaotter,
I regularly bike along this stretch of St. Andrew's and sometimes walk here. It would be a nice street if there was less traffic and cars would go more slowly. Drivers often try to pass bikes before the traffic circles when it's not safe to pass. It is especially an issue going downhill as many drivers don't seem to understand cycling speeds and will cut me off at the traffic circles, which can be quite dangerous.

The traffic diversion at 13th has helped a bit, but there are still too many cars on St Andrew's and because the street is wide they go too fast for anybody who's not in a car. Even walking across the street isn't always safe especially in winter because of the long crossing distance and car speeds.

St. Andrew's should be a neighbourhood street where foot and bike traffic is prioritized, and where kids can play. Local residents have access by car, but through traffic should be diverted. We have St. Georges just one block over as an arterial for cars and Lonsdale two blocks away, but no quiet street for bikes and people walking.

Another traffic diversion is needed to keep drivers from using St. Andrew's to short cut between Keith and 13th. Vancouver has been building small parks that have several advantages: create more park space for local residents to enjoy and where kids can play, create space to plant more trees in the city, and create safe healthy streets by diverting cars from neighbourhood streets to arterials. A new park between Keith and 13th with a small playground, walking and bike paths would make St. Andrew's a better street in many different ways and address the car traffic issues.

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