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Narrowing of St. Andrews Avenue

by North Shore Resident,

My family and I have lived on 8th and St. Andrews, in this amazing neighbourhood, for many years. It’s great that the speed for St. Andrews has been reduced to 30km/h but the width of the street needs to be addressed. Having such a wide residential street, it allows for hurried vehicles lots of room to move around and pass slower cars and bicycles daily; freely accelerating between Keith Rd. and 13th without needing to come to a complete stop for 5 long, wide blocks. Narrowing the street would stop the dangerous zigzagging of cars. You can do this using temporary measures such as stanchions or flexible delineator posts like the ones recently added near Ridgeway Elementary School. This is a quick and useful temporary method in that the City and the neighbourhood could see if this is a good fit and if it has any impact on reducing traffic speed for the area and work from there.

There are other suggestions such as speed humps and raised crosswalks that can be made but unless the speedway track gets narrowed, you will find yourself in the same predicament year after year.

My immediate suggestion is to narrow the street width on St. Andrews from Keith Road to the 8th Street traffic circle.

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