Why are you narrowing the road?

    Narrower travel lanes promote a greater sense of speed awareness among drivers and create more appropriate speeds, particularly at intersections and when passing someone travelling in the opposite direction. Narrower lanes also create shorter crossing distances for pedestrians and intersections, which reduces the risk of a collision.

    What is a Mobility Lane?

    A Mobility Lane accommodates a range of human-powered micro-mobility options such as bicycles, scooters, e-bikes and cargo bikes.

    How will sightlines be improved?

    Triangle-shaped road markings will be added to ensure vehicles are parked at a safe distance from intersections.

    Why not install more speed humps?

    Speed humps are a tool for slowing traffic, but also slow emergency response because they are an obstruction that can’t be moved. The City is selective about where they are applied and minimize their use.

    How many parking spots will be lost?

    After reviewing feedback from the community, the revised design includes a loss of approximately 6 spaces throughout the corridor. The initial proposed design included a loss of 24 spaces.