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    What is a greenway?

    A greenway is a transportation and recreation corridor that is safe and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities to walk and roll. Greenways can take many forms, and typically reflect the character of the community in which they are built. Some greenways include pathways separated from vehicle traffic like the Green Necklace or Spirit Trail and some feature infrastructure that separates faster and slower moving users like the Union-Adanac Greenway in Vancouver. 

    What are the benefits of greenways?

    Greenways connect people to the places they want to go and provide a sustainable transportation option for people who choose to walk and roll.

    Greenways are a key component of the City's Official Community Plan, and help us achieve our vision of a healthy, liveable, sustainable, diverse, complete community, by providing safe, accessible, and enjoyable routes for transportation and recreation. 

    Additional benefits include more space for trees, landscaping, sustainable stormwater management, and pleasant spaces for connecting with friends in the neighbourhood. 

    What types of users will be allowed on the greenway?

    The primary users of the Upper Levels Greenway will be people walking, cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding, or using a wheeled mobility aid.

    Why is the City building a greenway in this area?

    The Upper Levels Greenway is being developed as part of the City’s commitment to provide active transportation and recreation options that support and enhance the health and well-being of all community members. It was originally endorsed in in the 2002 Parks and Greenways Strategic Plan and was identified as a priority project in the current Council Strategic Plan

    This will be the first major All Ages and Abilities mobility and recreation space designed north of Highway 1 and is an opportunity to link existing parks and open spaces with schools, commercial areas, amenities, and destinations. The future greenway will provide a safe, comfortable, and convenient way for people to move around and connect to other parts of the City.

    What route will the greenway follow?

    A preferred route has not yet been chosen and will be determined as part of the community engagement process.

    How will the greenway connect with other destinations and amenities?

    The Upper Levels Greenway aims to connect locations of neighbourhood significance. These locations will be identified during the first phase of engagement as we learn from the community what amenities and destinations are most important.