Are there any bike lanes planned between Lonsdale and Regent?

    Bike lanes are not planned for any future phases of work along East 29th Street. An alternate neighbourhood cycling route is located along Tempe Crescent and 27th Street, to avoid the steepest grades of East 29th Street.

    Will parking be removed as part of this work?

    We anticipate some parking removal will be required as part of the roadway improvements. We recognize parking is important to many residents and we will aim to balance the parking needs of the neighbourhood, while achieving necessary safety and accessibility improvements along the corridor.

    What are you doing to address speeds along East 29th Street?

    Vehicle speeds along East 29th have been a key issue identified for resolution. The following measures are proposed to encourage compliance with the speed limit:

    • Reduced travel lane widths that are appropriately sized for the posted speed limit of 50km/h
    • Digital speed readers to be periodically installed along the corridor to remind drivers of the speed limit
    • Continued partnership with RCMP on enforcement

    What are you doing to address shortcutting along St. Georges?

    In response to community feedback received during the previous phase of engagement, speed humps were added along St Georges in 2019 to help reduce speeds and discourage shortcutting.