Safety Review Action Plan

by Dina,

To address the safety issues around Ridgeway Elementary we’ve developed an action plan.

This plan is based on community feedback, planning and engineering best practices, and reflects the specific context of the school.

Action Plan Objectives

  • Supports active travel to school
  • Reduces congestion in the school zone
  • Improves safety by minimizing risk of conflicts between vehicles and vulnerable road users
  • Reflects community input
  • Is cost effective and replicable
  • Is viable on a long-term, permanent basis

We will roll out our Action Plan in phases, with the first phase beginning this year.


Implementation through 2020

Phase one is a mix of temporary and permanent changes including:

  1. making high-volume pedestrian crossings more visible;
  2. installing diagonal diverters at key intersections;
  3. expanding slow speed zones; and
  4. using on street murals to draw attention to no stopping zones, curb bulges and pedestrian priority areas.

We will monitor the impacts of these changes and adjust as needed.

Phase One Details

#1 Making high-volume pedestrian crossings more visible
Crossing safety was the number one concern we heard from the community. With that in mind, we are enhancing the safety and comfort of crossings nearest to the school. These treatments will also increase overall awareness and visibility of the school zone. This includes:

  • Adding new painted crosswalks leading to the school
  • Installing physical barriers in “no-stopping” zones to improve traffic flow and visibility
  • Expanding curb bulges to improve vehicle and pedestrian sight-lines
  • Use paint and signage where possible to highlight the school zone

#2 Install diagonal diverters at key intersections:

The installation of new diagonal diverters will help reduce the potential for conflict between vehicles, between vehicles and pedestrians, and it will reduce congestion. It will also discourage non-local traffic cutting through the neighbourhood and encourage more efficient traffic flow in the school zone.

Initially these diagonal diverters will be temporary, allowing us to make adjustments as needed.

This is an example of how diagonal diverters are used. Design and implementation materials will differ at Ridgeway and crosswalks will be included.

#3 Expanded slow speed zone*

We will expand the existing 30 km/h zone area beyond the immediate school boundaries and adjust it to be in affect at all times of day. This change will:

  • improve safety along pedestrian and cycling routes in all directions near the school
  • address the concerns of residents and families with existing speeds
  • improve safety and comfort for families who want to park several blocks away and walk to the school

    *Note: Council must approve this change. City Staff will present a plan for Council’s consideration this fall.

#4 Using on street murals to draw attention to no stopping zones, curb bulges and pedestrian priority areas
When feasible (physical distancing restrictions make installation challenging), staff will involve the community in creating several on-street murals. Paint and bright colours will used to highlight curb bulges, no stopping zones and pedestrian priority areas, while enlivening the streets.


Implementation through 2021 /2022

In Phase Two, we will be monitoring the effectiveness of the Phase One interventions, and making adjustments as needed. We will also be planning for more extensive upgrades that require additional budget and are subject to a City-wide prioritization process. These include:

  • Upgrades to the pedestrian crossing at Ridgeway Ave and E Keith Rd (this priority measure is included in the City's draft financial plan for implementation in 2021)
  • Additional speed reduction measures to support the expanded 30 km/h zone, if necessary (e.g. speed humps, curb bump outs, etc.)
  • Additional enhancements to pedestrian crossings along E Keith Rd
  • Further physical enhancements to pedestrian crossings adjacent to the school.
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