Wasn’t a temporary skate park originally in the plans for HJCRC?

    Yes. The 2018 plan included a temporary skate park. In 2020 a new strategy was endorsed, based on the Community Recreation Strategy, which reduced the overall scope of the HJCRC - including removing the interim skate park - to ensure that it was right-sized for the community and could be delivered on budget.

    Why did you remove the skate park so early in the construction process?

    The northwest corner of the site, where the skate park was located, will be a part of the future aquatics facility. Staff explored alternative timelines to keep this area open, but since it houses the most complex portion of the project, it needed to be the first area to be demolished, excavated, and constructed in order for the project to remain on track.

    What will the new HJCRC skate park be like?

    The new skate park, budgeted at $1.2 million, will be completed as part of the new HJCRC in 2025. The design concept was developed through a series of public design workshops with stakeholders, users, and industry experts in 2018. The design will be presented to the skate community for final feedback in the next few months. Learn more at cnv.org/HJCRC.