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Safety on St. Andrews

by Colestudent,

I support the idea of changing St. Andrews to increase public safety. I am a student at Alcuin College, I have found the drivers along St. Andrews within the proposed area along 8th and 9th to drive above the speed limit. I have nearly been in an accident as a pedestrian with a speeding vehicle along this street. The roundabout near Sam Walker Park is effective but often cars come through this area quickly thus endangering those walking away from Andrews On 8th Cafe. As such I do support decreasing the speed along St. Andrews. This could be accomplished through thinning the road to avoid the excessive speeds caused by the wide size of the road, or through alternative means such as speed bumps. The proposal also mentions increasing the sidewalks where there currently is a lack of sidewalks. I see this as quite logical as it would bring more of this street into easy accessibility. This would also carry the benefit of stopping potential conflicts when pedestrians attempt to cross the road.

Thank you for your consideration.

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